Virtual Care FAQ

Book a Virtual Care Appointment today! Avoid long waits in the Emergency Room for toothaches or other dental emergencies. 


What is a Virtual Care Appointment? 

Motivational Dentistry Virtual Care appointments, are safe, secure, private one-on-one meetings between the patient and doctor. No travel is involved because the provider and patient will use the same link to access the meeting room at the scheduled appointment time. 

What is the fee associated with booking a Virtual Care Appointment? 

The fee for Virtual Care Appointments is currently at a special rate of $89 per session. Virtual Care Appointments are prepaid services. After booking, you will receive a payment link to your inbox and text messaging service (if you opted in). 

What are the benefits of booking a Virtual Care Appointment?

Teledentistry, aka Virtual Care, is an excellent way for patients and our dentists to connect without the patient leaving the comfort of their homes. Patients often get toothaches at unconventional hours of the day, on weekends, and after hours. The discomfort from tooth pain drives patients to visit the nearest Emergency Room or Urgent Care Facilities. The ER physician prescribes antibiotics to clear up the infection and possibly even pain medicines such as Ibuprofen (800mg tablets) to alleviate the symptoms; then, the patient receives a referral to visit their local dentist. These emergency room visits are expensive and time-consuming. 

Furthermore, patients ultimately end up repeatedly back in the Emergency Room for dental pain, poor credit from the costly bills, and even tooth loss. Our Virtual Care appointments save you time and money and get you relief fast with a consult with the dentist. You can ask questions, get advice, and get a prescription for antibiotics and non-narcotic pain medications at your nearest pharmacy if indicated. We can also book an appointment in our office for a follow-up exam or refer you to a dentist near you. 

How does the Virtual Care Appointment booking process work?

1. Click the Link to Book an Appointment

2. Answer Question: Have You Visited Us Before? Yes or No.

Select Teledentistry (Virtual Care). 

3. Select from Available appointment times. Complete Questions.  

4. You will receive a payment link in your email. Payment DUE at the time of booking the appointment.  

5. You will receive an appointment reminder text 1 hour before your appointment. 

6. Be prepared for your appointment with a list of current medications and medical history, such as drug allergies. Before the meeting, complete the medical history and Virtual Care Consent Form before your appointment. 

7. At your scheduled appointment time, use the link in your email to access the meeting room with the dentist. 

8. Be sure to follow up on all recommendations from the dentist and book an appointment for in-person follow-up care. 


Can I have someone else at my appointments, such as a spouse or child? 

Join the Virtual Care meeting room from a private, quiet location. For a second person to be present during the meeting, you must consent for them to be present, as meetings as private conversations. Your HIPAA Rights and Privacy are of the most importance to us. At most, two people are permitted during these appointment sessions unless approved by the patient and doctor. 


Is this service for New York Residents Only?

Yes, this service is available in New York Only. 


Do you have other questions that still need to be answered above? 

Email Us at or call us at 518-308-4200 before booking. We look forward to serving your oral health care needs.